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Tuesday, November 10

Check it out

Wednesday, October 14

It's never to late...

I came across something amazing that would have been all the sweeter had I had the resources I had in college:

- awesome friends to help
- blankets (tons of blankets)
- twinkle lights
- hookahs and alcohol
- artsy boy to take the picture (Skinny!)

Oh well, can't continue to harp on the fact that this would have been one of the greatest things to happen to us in all our four years at college. Oh, sorry. Anyways, here's a taste of what I'm talking about. Please take the 10 minutes at some point to look at all the amazingness of this project!!!!! 

This one was the most epic

Triple C: Cute, Comfy, Creative

Big Rach Hill.  and maybe Frank.

Saturday, October 3

Friday, September 25

Babies are the shit (unless you have one of your own)

So I have to give credit to this rep at Smithsonian Magazine for finding this video and I wanted to share cause it just makes you smile. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 16

Oh, Kanye. I

Oh, Kanye. I’m glad you were a jerk. Cause these make me happy.

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A Bills Family in :30

Add some snow and I'd say this seems pretty accurate - rough weekend ay Leigh Star?